rpctestgen is a test fixture generator for the execution layer JSON-RPC API.

Conceptually, it is similar to retesteth, which generates consensus tests, in that it takes test definitions (in rpctestgen’s case, go functions), executes them against a client, and outputs the exchange.

The full API specification can be found in ethereum/exeuction-apis.


rpctestgen runs with sane defaults. The tests will be filled with whatever binary geth matches in the $PATH. By default, tests are not sealed. To seal with ethash, run with the --ethash flag. For a full list of options, see rpctestgen --help.

Quick Start

To fill all tests with ethash seal, simply run make fill.

$ make fill
go build .
./rpctestgen  --ethash
sealing block 1
sealing block 2
sealing block 3
starting client
filling tests...
generating tests/eth_blockNumber/simple-test.io  done.
generating tests/eth_getBlockByNumber/get-genesis.io  done.
generating tests/eth_getBlockByNumber/get-block-n.io  done.

This will write the generated test fixtures to tests/ directory. In addition to JSON-RPC exchange, a chain.rlp and genesis.json will be included so that the exchange can be verified on all clients.

Fixture format

The fixtures are very simple. Each statement is delimited by a newline. The >> prefix denotes a request sent to the client. The << prefix denotes the client’s response.

>> {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"method":"eth_blockNumber"}
<< {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"result":"0x3"}


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