Experimental ECS (Entity Component System) framework for Ebitengine.

DISCLAIMER: Onigiri is still in the early stages of development! The API is subject to breaking changes.


When I got around to creating a demo game with Bento, I realised that it was difficult to separate scripting a game object from the concrete implementation. With this in mind, I decided to try an ECS approach with generics from scratch.

As with Bento, Ebitengine provides the foundation for efficient updating/drawing. Onigiri aims to provide niceties on top of that found in other game engine systems.

In future, some parts of Bento such as animations, fonts, and drawing utilities such as Vec may be moved into their own bento subdirectory. I recognize they are still useful to do common tasks when creating a game.


Hajime Hoshi for creating Ebiten.


Onigiri is licensed under the MIT License.


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