XOTEL – Xray to OTEL

Export traces from AWS Xray and forward them to an OTEL Collector.

Screenshot of Xray information in Honeycomb

Testers wanted

This project is under rapid development.

If you can help jump into the issue queue.

If you have bugs running this, please file an issue. I’m keen to get this to a production capable state before August 2022.

Can you help identify if the fields are mapped correctly?

Does the data coming through to your OTEL system look the way you expected?

Getting Started

Set OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT to a GRPC OTLP collector, for example localhost:4317 if running a collector on the same machine.

Run this with IAM credentials that has access to:


Either by deploying to EC2/ECS with an attached role or setting the following environment variables.


Container Image

Availble on docker hub at ojkelly/xotel.


Currently this takes configuration for the min and max time to look back when, querying Xray for traces.


The max look back time is also the interval between checks.

For example with the following settings xotel will query T-90s to T-30s, and it will run that query every minute.

A minimum lookback time can be tuned to allow time for all trace data to arrive at Xray and be processed.


By default these are set to 6m and 1m.

The value of XOTEL_MAX_LOOK_BACK is also the lag for getting new traces from Xray to your OTEL system.


A current limitation is that it only works with a GRPC collector, set with the OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT env var.

The code for that is here exporter/exporter.go, if you can help expand this to fully support what a normal collector would, a PR or guidance is appreciated.

How to deploy

Coming soon.


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