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Do you have a GitHub App? Do you want to monitor how close you are to hitting your API rate limits? That’s what this project is for.

Expose a GitHub App’s rate limits as Prometheus gauge metrics.


These are the available flags for github-ratelimit-metrics

⇒  ./github-ratelimit-metrics --help
Usage of ./github-ratelimit-metrics:
      --github-app-id int            GitHub App ID (default -1)
      --github-installation-id int   GitHub App Installation ID (default -1)
      --github-private-key string    GitHub App private key
      --refresh-interval duration    How often to refresh the metrics (default 5s)
  -v, --verbose                      Enable verbose logging
pflag: help requested

Note, you can also configure all flags via environment variables:

Flag Environment variable
github-app-id GITHUB_APP_ID
github-installation-id GITHUB_INSTALLATION_ID
github-private-key GITHUB_PRIVATE_KEY
refresh-interval REFRESH_INTERVAL
verbose VERBOSE

CLI flags have a higher precedence over the environment variables.


export GITHUB_APP_ID="..."
docker run --rm -it --env GITHUB_APP_ID --env GITHUB_INSTALLATION_ID --env GITHUB_PRIVATE_KEY -p8000:8000 --verbose

In another terminal, you can now run:

⇒  curl --silent http://localhost:8000/metrics | grep "github_"
# HELP github_resources_core_limit The upper limit of requests per hour
# TYPE github_resources_core_limit gauge
github_resources_core_limit 5000
# HELP github_resources_core_remaining The remaining requests per hour
# TYPE github_resources_core_remaining gauge
github_resources_core_remaining 5000
# HELP github_resources_core_reset Number of seconds until the rate limit resets
# TYPE github_resources_core_reset gauge
github_resources_core_reset 3599.148782767
# HELP github_resources_core_used The used requests per hour
# TYPE github_resources_core_used gauge
github_resources_core_used 0


Docker containers are built for both linux/amd64 and linux/arm64. Check out available versions here

For Kubernetes users, find helm chart documentation here


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