darkfiles: Measure container image dark matter

Container images are often assembled by copying files straight to their layers. Examples include copying applications from build images, copying entrypoint scripts, etc These files are not tracked by the underlying OS package managers like apt or apk which makes them invisible to security scanners as they are not reflected in the package database.

To gain some insight into this dark matter, darkfiles inspects container images to detect files not tracked by the OS package manager.


Just run darkfiles stats imageref to get some statistics about files not installed via the os package manager. Here is an example scanning both the official and distroless golang images:

darkfiles stats --distro=debian golang:latest
INFO flattening image index.docker.io/library/golang 
INFO flattened image to /tmp/image-dump-582865974.tar (962 MB) 
Total files in image:       21033
Files in packages:          8807
Files not in packages:      12226
Tracked by package manager: 41.872295%

darkfiles stats --distro=alpine distroless.dev/go
INFO flattening image distroless.dev/go           
INFO flattened image to /tmp/image-dump-7982759.tar (540 MB) 
Total files in image:       5734
Files in packages:          5734
Files not in packages:      0
Tracked by package manager: 100.000000%

There is also darkfiles list --set=all imageref which can give you all files included in an image (--set=all), files tracked by the package manager (--set=tracked) and all files found in the image which were added through other means (--set=untracked):

darkfiles --distro=debian --set=untracked golang
INFO[0000] flattening image index.docker.io/library/golang 
INFO[0021] flattenned image to /tmp/image-dump-2645404725.tar (962 MB) 



Automatic distro detection

Right now, specifying –distro is mandatory, it would be nice to have logic to automatically detect what kind of OS the image is based on.

Filter disable flag

There should be a flag to disable file filtering to get absolutel all files.

Expand stats output with:

  • Number of files before and after filtering
  • Image size

Enable --format=json in stats subcommand

apk support


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