Go Telegram Captcha Bot

Fancy, fully-featured, easy to use, scalable Telegram CAPTCHA bot written in Go based on tucnak’s telebot

this robot only has one job, and he does it well


  1. Make sure your account got “add new admin” privilege
  2. Invite @SatpamEmojiBot (or deploy your own) to your group
  3. Make the bot as admin in the group
  4. Enjoy…


  1. Download the bot program

# If you already have go installed on your machine

go install github.com/GNUWeeb/[email protected]

# if it's not 
curl -sf https://gobinaries.com/GNUWeeb/golang-telegram-captcha | sh
  1. Put your bot token to BOT_TOKEN env var
  2. Run the program golang-telegram-captcha-bot


  • Refactoring
  • Persistent storage
  • Ability to stay reliable and not spammy even on join traffic-spike
  • Trust-based privilege escalation on normal user (trust from admin)
  • Integration with Telegram spam server
  • Container deployment
  • Write tests
  • Assets licenses


Renee French
Ashley McNamara
Mat Ryer


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