FastRouter is a fast, flexible HTTP router written in Go.

FastRouter contains some customizable options, such as TrailingSlashesPolicy, PanicHandler, OptionsHandler, MethodNotAllowedHandler, NotFoundHandler and so on.

FastRouter also provides some useful features, such as grouping and middleware.

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Fast: See Go Web Framework Benchmark

Flexible: FastRouter provides some customizable options for you:

  • TrailingSlashesPolicy:
    • IgnoreTrailingSlashes: ignore trailing slashes.
    • AppendTrailingSlashes: append trailing slashes and redirect if request path is not end with ‘/’.
    • RemoveTrailingSlashes: remove trailing slashes and redirect if request path is end with ‘/’.
    • StrictTrailingSlashes: remove or append trailing slashes according to corresponding pattern.
  • PanicHandler
  • OptionsHandler
  • MethodNotAllowedHandler
  • NotFoundHandler

Compatible: FastRouter is an implementation of http.Handler, so it is compatible with third-party packages.

Middleware: Middleware is a chaining tool for chaining http.Handler, see Middleware.

Grouping: Grouping is an useful feature of FastRouter, it allows to nest and specify middleware of group, see Grouping.


See Documentation for details.


See Examples for details.