TBM – Twitter Bookmark Manager

Fetch all your bookmarked tweets and make them accessible through a webinterface.

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Search Tweets (Search for bookmarked tweets)

Table of Contents


  • Fetch all bookmarked tweets
  • Search for all bookmarked tweets containing a given phrase (this includes: username, real name, hashtag, tweet content and real urls)


In order to fetch your bookmarks, you’ll have to supply an active access token with a matching cookie. You can get both by the following steps:

  1. Login to twitter.com and go to https://twitter.com/i/bookmarks
  2. Press f12, switch to the Network tab and look for a request named Bookmarks?variables=%7B%22count%22%3A20..
  3. Switch to the Headers tab if it isn’t selected and scroll down to Request Headers
  4. Copy the line starting with cookie: and authorization: Bearer
  5. Check if the section has changed (part of the url in front of Bookmarks?variables=%7B%22count%22%3A20..), if so copy it as well

Usage of tbm:
  -access-token string
        Twitter bearer access token
  -config string
        Application config file (default "./config/config.json")
  -cookie string
        Twitter cookie string
  -data-dir string
        Folder containing all fetched data (default "./data")
  -host string
        Host address the api should bind to (default "localhost")
  -port uint
        Port the api should bind to (default 4788)
  -section string
        Twitter bookmark api section name (default "BvX-1Exs_MDBeKAedv2T_w")
  -timezone string
        Application time zone (default "UTC")
        Show version and exit


Besides the command arguments, you can also provide a config file:

  "timezone": "UTC",
  "data_dir": "./data",
  "server": {
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 4788
  "scraper": {
    "section": "BvX-1Exs_MDBeKAedv2T_w",
    "cookie": "guest_id=...",
    "access_token": "AAAAA..."

Websocket commands

The websocket can be accessed under ws://{host}:{port}/ws.

Set the access token and cookie:

    "cookie": "guest_id=...",
    "access_token": "AAAAA..."

Get all tweets:


Search for tweets containing the search query:

    "query": "foo bar"

Custom Styles

By default all assets (.js, .css, .html, etc) get included while building a new version.


  • gui
    • css
      • tailwind.css
  • public
    • css
      • tailwind.css (compiled tailwind css)
      • style.css (custom styling)
    • js
      • app.js
    • index.html



  • Node v12.13
  • Golang ^1.17.2

npm run watch
npm run build
go run main.go


Build a new release:


Build a new regular binary:

go build -ldflags "-w -s -X main.buildNumber=1 -X main.buildVersion=custom" -o tbm

Features & pull requests

Everyone can contribute to this project. Every pull request will be considered, but it can also happen to be declined. To prevent unnecessary work, please consider to create a feature issue first, if you’re planning to do bigger changes. Of course, you can also create a new feature issue if you’re just wishing a feature ?

Off-topic, rude or abusive issues will be deleted without any notice.


If you encounter any problems or if you find a bug, please don’t hesitate to create a new issue. However, please be aware that it might take some time to get an answer.

If you need immediate or commercial support, feel free to send me a mail at [email protected].

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected] instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


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