how to install

  1. make a folder with:

    – dbAgent.exe
    – config
    – log
    *config and log are folders

  2. make a config as mentioned below and put it inside config with the name => “config.yaml”

  3. run the dbAgent program in background.

how to add another database.

  1. make newDB.go inside db directory. make required functions. base format given below.
    package db

    type NewDB struct { C Config }

    func (x NewDB) TestConn() error{
    return nil

    func (x NewDB) GetCount() (int, error) {
    return 0, nil

    func (x NewDB) GetTable() error {
    return nil

    func (x NewDB) GetTableOffset(newCount int) error {
    return nil

    • fill functions with required code
  2. add in func structConv under interface.go
    case “NewDB”:
    return NewDB{config}

  3. test it out


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