Have you ever thought: Golly gee, HTTP is great and all, but wouldn’t it be even better if it were a little less

Well do I have good news for you! The wait is finally over! Behold, Secure HTTP!

That’s right, now you can browse the web in absolute safety with this one simply trick certificate authroties don’t
want you to know about!

shttp, it’s HTTP over SSH!

But what about HTTPS?

Sorry, could you speak up a little? HTTPS? Never heard of it. Sounds fake. Probably made up.

Okay, but like seriously, why?

Mostly to demonstrate the flexability of the SSH protocol and for a laugh.

I feel that last bit bares clarifiation: This is a joke. A gag. Just for fun.

Great, can I use this in my next big thing?

No, you shouldn’t use this. Not only is it highly impratical, it’s probably not actually secure.


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