Find out where you fall on the Open-Source Character Alignment Chart

Binaries available in releases.

If you prefer to install from source, run the following in your command line (requires Go)

go get -u

How to use (requires git)

Run gitaligned -h for help.

Running gitaligned in this repo:

gitaligned -u soypat


Author soypat is Neutral Good
Commits: 6
Accumulated:{-0.2 2}



Steve -- Chaotic Neutral (89.9% confidence)
  82 commits
  99 % Lean towards Chaotic
  10 % Lean towards Good

How it works (sort of)

For now gitaligned does some basic natural language processing using prose and has some ad-hoc rules based on typical git commit message mannerisms.

Opinions of commit messages and their alignment

Commit Message Alignment
Fixed bug Neutral Evil
Correct edge case in http response where long frames would overflow Lawful Good
Steve's parser was really bad. Optimize and now works with extended unicode Chaotic Good
Jacobian not singular True Neutral
f*cking BNF Chaotic Evil

“Good” commit messages seek to inform the reader of what changed and why.

“Evil” commit messages hide away what changed.

Author alignments on this repo

Author Alignment
soypat Chaotic Good
frenata Lawful Neutral