Find patterns in HTTP output based on regex string. Display occurrences.


go install[email protected]

Example usage

Default usage
cat urls | patternfinder

Specify pattern:
cat urls | patternfinder -p "plugins/([[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)/"

Example output

cat urls.txt | patternfinder | sort -k2 -n
stop-user-enumeration   1
woocommerce     1
woocommerce-gateway-authorize-net-cim   1
wordcamp-coming-soon-page       1
wp-accessibility        1
wp-google-maps  1
wp-google-maps-pro      1
wporg-gp-customizations 1
wp-timelines    1
ultimate-faqs   3
seo     4
camptix 8
virtual-embeds  8
wc-post-types   8
blocks  9
jetpack 9
tagregator      9
gutenberg       10

Command-line options

Find patterns in http output based on regex string. Display occurences.

    patternfinder [options] < urls.txt

    -p,         --pattern <string>       Pattern to search for, default "plugins/([[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)/"
    -d,         --depth <int>            Depth to crawl, default 1
    -c,         --concurrency <int>      Concurrency Level, default 2
    -s,         --secure                 Enable TLS verification, default false
    -dbg,       --debug                  Print all found patterns for debugging, default false


I’ve used some examples from @tomnomnom and @hakluke


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