What Anime CLI ❓?

> This application is basically a ? wrapper around


Installation ?

go install github.com/irevenko/[email protected]
what-anime-cli file ani.png

AUR package

Usage ?

Get Anime By Image File ?

what-anime file anime.jpg

Get Anime By Image Link ?

what-anime link https://anime.com/image.png

Potential troubles

Just escpape the link with quotes

Supported image extensions ?

I’ve tested these:

  • jpg
  • png
  • jfif
  • webp
  • gif

If you have found other’s working formats please create an issue

Contributing ?

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome! ?
Feel free to
check open issues.

Quick Start ?

git clone https://github.com/irevenko/what-anime-cli.git
cd what-anime-cli
go get -d ./...
go run main.go

What I Learned ?

  • How to build CLI using Go
  • Go project structure
  • Go basics (modules, working with images, making HTTP requests)

License ?

(c) 2021 Ilya Revenko. MIT License


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