Trying to get out of a network? But have no idea what ports are allowed? This might help.

Egressinator was heavily inspired by, but is now written in golang, as the other project has fallen into disrepair. The server and client come as one package deal.

A note, the server will not work on windows as it relies on iptables to redirect traffic.


git clone
cd egressbuster
go build


Determine what ports are able to be use to egress a network
Usage of client:
  -address string
        Address of egressbuster server
  -range string
        Range of TCP ports to check, e.g 1-1024 (default "1-1024")
  -threads int
        Number of threads (default 500)
  -timeout int
        Time before a connection is seen as invalid (in seconds) (default 3)
        Display more output
Usage of server:
  -interface string
        interface for server listener
  -port int
        The port the egress detector server will listen on (default 4344)
  -src string
        Source address for server to listen for client requests


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