Fizz-Buzz Rest server. A pimp version of the FizzBuzz project:

The goal is to implement a web server that will expose a REST API endpoint that: make a list of strings with numbers from 1 to limit, where: all multiples of int1 are replaced by str1, all multiples of int2 are replaced by str2, all multiples of int1 and int2 are replaced by str1str2.

Build and Run the project

To build the project inside a docker container with a postgres instance use the following command:

docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d

If you have a local postgres instance you can run the project using:

POSTGRES_HOST=localhost go run ./cmd/fizzbuzzd/main.go

Once you have your server running you can used the Postman collection in the pkg/ directory. Use GetFizzBuzz with assossiate body (int1, int2, str1, str2 and limit). Use GetFizzBuzzStats to find your most made request.

Test the project

To run test over the poject without postgres instance you can locally use:

make test

With postgres instance (before running integration test make sure you have run first the project):

make docker-integration


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