Focusrite auto clock


When using digital(S/PDIF) inputs to Focusrite consumer audio interfaces, you have the choice of an internal or S/PDIF clock source.

A number of S/PDIF input sources(Fractal AxeFx or Kemper) must be the master clock, and will result in pops and clicks if the internal clock is used.

When using the S/PDIF clock source, if that S/PDIF source is turned off, no audio will be output from any source to the monitor outputs.

This is a minor annoyance, more so when the focusrite is the primary audio interface. Focusrite control can be used to switch to the internal clock when the S/PDIF source is unavailable.

The bigger nuisance comes in remembering to restore the S/PDIF clock source when the source is powered up, only recognizing this after recordings have been ruined with timing jitters.

TLDR; I don’t want to fiddle with focusrite control when powering up/down my Axe Fx or Kemper.


This program works as a client to the focusrite-control(must be running somewhere on your network) server to evaluate the current clock state

Every 5 seconds

  • If the clock is set to S/PDIF< and the clock isn’t locked, clock is set to Internal.
  • If the clock is set to internal and S/PDIF input has some input, it will set the clock to S/PDIF.

Don’t use this code, it’s likely dangerous, you might discover a UDP service and get bad input.


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