Defcon 29 Badge Code Generator
Exactly as the title says. Will generate 7 signal keys to get you to signal then will generate 20 keys to distribute the signal.
Format out by igloo22225, Kiyomi Fujisaki, and an anonymous defcon helper 🙂
Credit to Simonomi for figuring out the actual ID format and for providing a working solution to the 31 bit issue (

Usage Intructions

  1. Download and install golang. Likely called “go” or “golang” in the package manager of your choice. If you are on Windows, there are tons of guides online.
  2. Download main.go from the repository and place it somewhere you can find it.
  3. Run “go run path to main.go” from your command line. You will be asked for a sample request; from this, the responce codes will be given.