Framework for myshoes provider using agent.

  • agent: agent for shoes-agent. agent run on insntance for runner.
  • proto: file of protoc. It define RPC for agent
  • shoes-agent: package of framework.
  • shoes-agent-mock: example implementation using shoes-agent


myshoes -> "shoes-agent-xxx" : AddInstance()
"shoes-agent-xxx" -> "Backend API" : Create an instance
"Backend API" --> "shoes-agent-xxx" : Created
"shoes-agent-xxx" -> "Backend API" : ListAgent()
"Backend API" --> "shoes-agent-xxx" : List of agent (cloud ID, status)
"shoes-agent-xxx" -> "shoes-agent-xxx" : Do scheduling an instance from list of agent
"shoes-agent-xxx" -> "agent in instance" : StartRunner()
"agent in instance" ->> "agent in instance" : Execute a script
"agent in instance" --> "shoes-agent-xxx" : Started
"shoes-agent-xxx" --> "myshoes": Created


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