FreeSWITCH Exporter for Prometheus

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A FreeSWITCH exporter for Prometheus.

It communicates with FreeSWITCH using mod_event_socket.

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poll from GitHub – florentchauveau/freeswitch_exporter: Prometheus exporter for FreeSWITCH

Add metrics as below:

  1. sofia gateway status
  2. module status
  3. bridged_calls
  4. current_channels
  5. detailed_calls
  6. endpoint
  7. codec

Add feature:

  1. web.config support tls, authorization and etc.

Getting Started

Pre-built static binaries are available in releases.

To run it:

./freeswitch_exporter [flags]

Help on flags:

./freeswitch_exporter --help
usage: freeswitch_exporter [<flags>]

      --help                   Show context-sensitive help.
  -l, --web.listen-address=":9282"
                               Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry.
                               Path under which to expose metrics.
  -u, --freeswitch.scrape-uri="tcp://localhost:8021"
                               URI on which to scrape freeswitch. E.g.
  -t, --freeswitch.timeout=5s  Timeout for trying to get stats from freeswitch.
  -P, --freeswitch.password="ClueCon"
                               Password for freeswitch event socket.
      --web.config=""          [EXPERIMENTAL] Path to config yaml file that can
                               enable TLS or authentication.
      --version                Show application version.


Make sure mod_event_socket is enabled on your FreeSWITCH instance. The default mod_event_socket configuration binds to :: (i.e., to listen to connections from any host), which will work on IPv4 or IPv6.

You can specify the scrape URI with the --freeswitch.scrape-uri flag. Example:

./freeswitch_exporter -u "tcp://localhost:8021"

Also, you need to make sure that the exporter will be allowed by the ACL (if any), and that the password matches.

basic auth

build password

htpasswd -n BC 12 '' |tr -d ':\n'

Creating config.yml Let’s create a config.yml file (documentation), with the following content:

    prometheus: $2a$12$rcRim06GJMX3WUOTDXa.AOwvpWdy.Mrq2nR0Dgo53Zt0bSLpP.byy

confg.yaml file password is prometheus

You can validate that file with promtool check web-config config.yml

$ promtool check web-config config.yml
web.yml SUCCESS

You can add multiple users to the file.


visit promethues :


The exporter will try to fetch values from the following commands:

  • api show calls count: Calls count
  • api uptime s: Uptime
  • api strepoch: Time synced with system
  • status
  • sofia xmlstatus gateway: fetch all gateway
  • module: usage module.conf.xml fetch all module status
  • api show endpoint all used endpoint
  • api show codec all used codec

List of exposed metrics:

# HELP freeswitch_bridged_calls Number of bridged_calls active
# TYPE freeswitch_bridged_calls gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_calls Number of calls active
# TYPE freeswitch_current_calls gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_channels Number of channels active
# TYPE freeswitch_current_channels gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_idle_cpu CPU idle
# TYPE freeswitch_current_idle_cpu gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sessions Number of sessions active
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sessions gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sessions_peak Peak sessions since startup
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sessions_peak gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sessions_peak_last_5min Peak sessions for the last 5 minutes
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sessions_peak_last_5min gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sps Number of sessions per second
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sps gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sps_peak Peak sessions per second since startup
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sps_peak gauge
# HELP freeswitch_current_sps_peak_last_5min Peak sessions per second for the last 5 minutes
# TYPE freeswitch_current_sps_peak_last_5min gauge
# HELP freeswitch_detailed_bridged_calls Number of detailed_bridged_calls active
# TYPE freeswitch_detailed_bridged_calls gauge
# HELP freeswitch_detailed_calls Number of detailed_calls active
# TYPE freeswitch_detailed_calls gauge
# HELP freeswitch_exporter_failed_scrapes Number of failed freeswitch scrapes.
# TYPE freeswitch_exporter_failed_scrapes counter
# HELP freeswitch_exporter_total_scrapes Current total freeswitch scrapes.
# TYPE freeswitch_exporter_total_scrapes counter
# HELP freeswitch_load_module freeswitch load module status
# TYPE freeswitch_load_module gauge
# HELP freeswitch_max_sessions Max sessions allowed
# TYPE freeswitch_max_sessions gauge
# HELP freeswitch_max_sps Max sessions per second allowed
# TYPE freeswitch_max_sps gauge
# HELP freeswitch_min_idle_cpu Minimum CPU idle
# TYPE freeswitch_min_idle_cpu gauge
# HELP freeswitch_registrations Number of registrations active
# TYPE freeswitch_registrations gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sessions_total Number of sessions since startup
# TYPE freeswitch_sessions_total counter
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_call_in freeswitch gateway call-in
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_call_in gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_call_out freeswitch gateway call-out
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_call_out gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_failed_call_in freeswitch gateway failed-call-in
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_failed_call_in gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_failed_call_out freeswitch gateway failed-call-out
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_failed_call_out gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_ping freeswitch gateway ping
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_ping gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingcount freeswitch gateway pingcount
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingcount gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingfreq freeswitch gateway pingfreq
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingfreq gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingmax freeswitch gateway pingmax
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingmax gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingmin freeswitch gateway pingmin
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingmin gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingtime freeswitch gateway pingtime
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_pingtime gauge
# HELP freeswitch_sofia_gateway_status freeswitch gateways status
# TYPE freeswitch_sofia_gateway_status gauge
# HELP freeswitch_time_synced Is FreeSWITCH time in sync with exporter host time
# TYPE freeswitch_time_synced gauge
# HELP freeswitch_up Was the last scrape successful.
# TYPE freeswitch_up gauge
# HELP freeswitch_uptime_seconds Uptime in seconds
# TYPE freeswitch_uptime_seconds gauge
# HELP freeswitch_endpoint_status freeswitch endpoint status
# TYPE freeswitch_endpoint_status gauge
# HELP freeswitch_codec_status freeswitch endpoint status
# TYPE freeswitch_codec_status gauge


With go 1.18+, clone the project and:

go build

Dependencies will be fetched automatically.


Feel free to send pull requests.

Copyright (c) 2022 Zhang Lian Jun [email protected]



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