From the command line, quickly explore data from a CSV file.

shallow-explore is a Golang backed command-line tool for iterating over columns from a CSV file. This is a gut check tool to make sure the assumptions about the data are within the expected range of normal.


After installation, run the following command to start analyzing data:

shallow-explore -csv ~/Desktop/sample.csv


shallow-explore supports three types of data: integers, floats, and strings.

The following output is an example of an integer or float column. The column name at the top of the frame followed by a summary line graph of the items, and some quick statistics about the data.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 8 31 11 PM

For string-based data, the column name is still at the top of the output. Below the column name lives a horizontal histogram and a count of unique entities found in the column.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 8 30 47 PM


If Golang is installed, run the following command:

go get

Instructions for Installing Go

Go docs

Installation with Homebrew

brew install go

Why I Built This Tool

I find myself running and rerunning the same basic statistical analysis on data to get an understanding of how trends are moving. I figured why not make it easier and share it with everyone else! I hope this speeds up your decision making ❤️


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