Froxy – HTTP over SSH proxy


Froxy is the HTTP over SSH proxy

It allows you to visit web sites as via VPN, but using your own SSH server, hosted somewhere in the Internet.

The only things you need is the Froxy itself and some Linux server accessible via SSH. No special software needs to be installed or configured on the server side, just SSH server that you already have.

At the server-side almost no configuration is required: just append your SSH public key to the .ssh/authorized_keys. Password-based authentication is also possible, though not recommended.

At the client side, just install Froxy and add it as HTTP proxy to your web browser configuration.

Froxy is friendly program. You won’t need to edit any cryptic configuration files. All configuration is web-based and can be done in your browser. Just click Froxy icon on a desktop, and it will open your Froxy configuration page in your favorite web browser.

Unlike many VPNs, Froxy only relays explicitly configured sites via the server, connections to all other sites go directly from your local computer.

HTTP support in Froxy is fairly complete and using it doesn’t imply any limitations to the normal web braising. Even FTP URLs are supported (though FTP support is abandoned in most modern browsers).

Froxy can be build for and works on Linux and Windows. Volunteer wanting to port to any other platform are welcome!

Build from sources

You need the following packages, to build Froxy from sources:

  1. go toolchain
  2. The hugo package, to build web pages from markdown sources
  3. The go-bindata package, to embed compiled web pages bundle into the go code
  4. make utility to build all things together

Optionally you may want to install gotags package. If it is missed, make will report an error, but the error will be ignored (it is annoying but not harmful).


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