FSort – Sort large file by lines


Sometimes we need sorting filesystem files by lines (like CSV or JSON) before processing, but it’s too big to do a full load into memory.

FSort will only keep maximum 2 lines in the memory, then comparing, swapping them with custom defined comparator by selection sort algorithm.

CLI use


Package use

import (

func lessThanComparator(prev, next []byte) bool {
    return bytes.Compare(prev, next) < 0

func main() {
    file, _ := os.OpenFile(filePath, os.O_RDWR, 0666)

    if err := fsort.Sort(file, lessThanComparator); err != nil {

    reader := csv.NewReader(file)

    for {
        line, err := reader.Read()

        if errors.Is(err, io.EOF) {

        log.Printf("%+v", line)


  • WithCRLF set line break from LF to CRLF
  • WithSkipLine set the lines need to be skipped, like CSV header
  • WithBufferSize set the buffer size which will be loaded into memory, default is 2 * 10^6


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