Fully-replicated DNS and DHCP Server using etcd

Warning This project is in really early development. It might eat your cat.


External Configuration

The following environment variables can be set:

  • DEBUG: Enable debug mode
  • DATA_PATH: Path to store etcd data, defaults to ./data
  • ETCD_PREFIX: Global etcd prefix, defaults to /gravity
  • ETCD_ENDPOINT: etcd Client endpoint, defaults to localhost:2379 when using embedded etcd
  • ETCD_JOIN_CLUSTER: Used when joining a node to a cluster, value is given by join API endpoint
  • BOOTSTRAP_ROLES: Configure while roles this instance should bootstrap, defaults to dns;dhcp;api;etcd;discovery;backup.
  • INSTANCE_IDENTIFIER: Unique identifier of an instance, should ideally not change. Defaults to hostname, but needs to be set in containers.
  • INSTANCE_IP: This instance’s reachable IP, when running in docker this should be the hosts IP
  • INSTANCE_LISTEN: By default the instance will listen on INSTANCE_IP, but can be set to override that (set to in docker)
  • LISTEN_ONLY: Enable listen-only mode which will not reply to any DHCP packets and not run discovery

Joining a cluster




Things missing

  • Web UI that supports doing things
  • API that supports doing things
  • Maybe sending WOL to DHCP leases
  • Metrics
  • Testing
  • Docs
  • Real world testing


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