Generate .gitignore files from your terminal

About gignr

Pronounced (Gee Ignore)

In the past, I used toptal/gitignore.io to generate a .gitignore file for all my projects. However, they decided to disable their tool if you use an ad blocker. In my opinion, this is the wrong approach for a free tool, so I am creating a free and open source replacement tool. For now, the plan is to create a simple, usable cli tool to generate a .gitignore file. I would love to implement new features as long as the mvp for gignr stays the same. The goal for gignr is as follows:

  • Easy, simple to use
  • Fast, no waiting as the user is trying to create their next best idea.


Install manually from source

  1. Install Go 1.18 or later
  2. Clone the repo and cd into the directory
git clone https://github.com/michaelnavs/gignr && cd gignr
  1. Install gignr
go install
  1. Ensure ~/go/bin/ is in your $PATH.
  2. test by running the following command:
gignr -h


  • List all available templates to use to generate a .gitignore file for your project
gignr ls
  • Generate a new .gitinore file with a single template, use the -t or –template flag
gignr genrate -t <TEMPLATE_NAME>
  • Generate a new .gitinore file with multiple templates
gignr genrate -t <TEMPLATE_NAME> -t <TEMPLATE_NAME> ...
  • Append a template to an existing .gitinore file, use the -a or –append flag
gignr genrate -a -t <TEMPLATE_NAME>
  • Append multiple templates to an existing .gitinore file
gignr genrate -a -t <TEMPLATE_NAME> -t <TEMPLATE_NAME> ...


All contributions are welcome! Just open a pull request. Please read CONTRIBUTING.md


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Michael Navarro – @navazjm [email protected]

Project Link: https://github.com/navazjm/gignr


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