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Scaffold generates starter Go project layout. Let you can focus on buesiness logic implemeted.


The following is Go project layout scaffold generated:

├── Dockerfile
├── Makefile
├── cmd
│   └── main.go
├── config
│   ├── config.go
│   ├── config.yml
│   ├── database.go
│   ├── http.go
│   └── release.go
├── docker-compose.yml
├── model
│   └── model.go
└── web
    ├── routes.go
    ├── server.go
    └── version.go


Download scaffold by using:

$ go get -u

Create a new project

  1. Going to your new project folder:
# change to project directory
$ cd $GOPATH/src/path/to/project
  1. Run scaffold init in the new project folder:
$ scaffold init
  1. That will generate a whole new starter project files like:
Create Dockerfile
Create cmd/main.go
Create config/config.go
Create config/database.go
Create config/http.go
Create config/release.go
Create docker-compose.yml
Create model/model.go
Create web/routes.go
Create web/server.go
Create web/version.go
Create Makefile
Create config/config.yml
Success Created. Please excute `make up` to start service.

  1. And you can run the new project by using:
$ make run