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Generate secure by default cloud infrastructure configuration with Go and Terraform.

Install 📥

Install the fusion cli


If you have Go setup on your system, you can install fusion with go install

go install github.com/SlalomBuild/fusion/cmd/[email protected]

Docker Image

docker run --rm -it ghcr.io/slalombuild/fusion:latest --help

Usage ⚡️

Getting started with fusion is as simple as naming the type of cloud resource you want and allow fusion to generate the terraform.

See available commands with --help

fusion —help

Usage: fusion <command>

Generate secure by default cloud infrastructure configuration

  -h, --help        Show context-sensitive help.
  -v, --verbose     Enable verbose logging
  -n, --no-color    Disable colorful output ($NO_COLOR)

  new    Create new cloud resources with Terraform

Run "fusion <command> --help" for more information on a command.

For more in-depth examples of creating cloud resources with fusion, view the Example folder.


Snippets are available in all supported IDEs with the pattern fsn-<provider>_<resource>


# Install fusion vscode snippets into default snippets 
# directory
fusion gen snippets -e vscode -i
VSCode not installed in the default directory?

You will need to output a json file with `fusion gen snippets -e vscode -o filename.json` and place it and `package.json` from the repository’s snippets directory within `…/.vscode/extensions/fusion-snippets`, creating directories if needed. Restart your IDE to make them available.


# 1. Generate snippets
fusion gen snippets -e intellij -o filename.xml

# 2. Find your IDE's configuration directory

# 3. Create a directory within that called `templates` if it does not already exist, and drop the xml file in there. Then, restart your IDE to make them available.

Intellij users must check this page to find the Configuration directory that pertains to your IDE version and operating system.


For detailed development instructions, view our DEVELOPMENT.md and CONTRIBUTING.md.


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