Generates Typescript types and service clients from protobuf definitions annotated with http rules. The generated types follow the canonical JSON encoding.

Experimental: This library is under active development and breaking changes to config files, APIs and generated code are expected between releases.

Using the plugin

For examples of correctly annotated protobuf defintions and the generated code, look at examples.

Install the plugin

go get

Or download a prebuilt binary from releases.


  --typescript-http_out [OUTPUT DIR] \
  [.proto files ...]

The generated clients can be used with any HTTP client that returns a Promise containing JSON data.

const rootUrl = "...";

type Request = {
  path: string,
  method: string,
  body: string | null

function fetchRequestHandler({path, method, body}: Request) {
  return fetch(rootUrl + path, {method, body}).then(response => response.json())

export function siteClient() {
  return createShipperServiceClient(fetchRequestHandler);