Generates basic AJV JSON schema based on JSON input


The purpose of this schema generation tool is to be able to quickly define schemas for adding tests to Postman. Note the following constraints:

  • For array types, schema is only generated for the first instance in the array
  • Not all objects are the same; the JSON body you provide may not contain the entire schema, so check this beforehand

This is far from complete so make an issue or submit a PR for issues.

Installation and Usage

First make sure you have go installed and then run: go install github.com/deelawn/ajv-schema-gen/cmd/ajvgen

Then copy a JSON response to your clipboard and run the program as follows, saving the result to your clipboard: pbpaste | ajvgen | pbcopy

Inside a postman test start to define a schema: var schema = and paste after the equals sign to finish defining the schema with ajv output.

Then add code to run the schema comparison test

pm.test("validating schema", function() {


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