• Given an rsynced directory from a TeamServer, e.g. /etc/cobaltstrike/downloads
    • Generate a TOML configuration which can be parsed
      • IDs of files and folders are recreated locally
      • The parent directory structure tree is replicated from the current working directory
        • The directory base will start with SYNCED_DOWNLOADS


  • My existing client-side script is async in nature
  • Some performance hits to client-side activity on the CobaltStrike application until syncing is done
  • No desire to create multiple progress bars to indicate status


  • SHA256 integrity checking on every file
    • Only copy if a more recent version of the file from the provided downloads directory is present
  • Recreate parent directory tree (know where your files came from!)
    • Support for network paths to become the new parent root (start from network share down)
  • Only have the most recent version of a disparate file

Building Instructions:

cd RecreateCSDownloadsTree
go build

How to Generate the TOML Metadata:

  • Load the CNA script within the cna directory of this repository
  • Depending on where you want to execute the underlying logic, consult the chart below:
    Context Command
    Beacon toml_download
    Script Console TOMLDownload
  • The resulting file, output.toml will be present within the cna directory
    • Copy it to a fresh directory, along with the compiled golang application
  • Transfer your downloads directory from your TeamServer however you wish
    • The directory must be in the same as wherever your output.toml and compiled binary live

Sample Usage:

# Display help options
./beacon_download_sync --help

Usage of ./beacon_download_sync:
  -dldir string
        Relative directory name in this current location storing synced Beacon download files (default "downloads")
  -toml string
        TOML file containing metadata associated with Beacon downloads (default "downloads.toml")

# Sample run
./beacon_download_sync -dldir downloads -toml output.toml


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