Generic pointer functions.


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Why is this even a thing?


There is no function to create a reference to a literal value in Go’s built-ins or it’s standard library. Before generics, I found myself copy-pasting the same stringPtr(string) *string, intPtr(int) *int, etc. function declarations in every code base I started. This is obviously not ideal and gets increasingly less maintainable as the types of literal values you need to make references to very and get more complex.

takesOptionalString(&"hi") // illegal
takesOptionalString(aws.String("hi")) // what does AWS have to do with this???
func strPtr(s string) *string { return &s }; takesOptionalString(strPtr("hi")) // unmaintainable

takesOptionalInt(ptr.From(5)) // noice


Another frustration is that while Go makes it easy to handle missing input data with zero-values for all types in the language, there is no mechanism for safely dereferencing a pointer if it’s not nil or interpreting the absence of value as a zero-value.

type QueryOptions struct { Page *int } // pretend we don't maintain this struct

var opts QueryOptions
var page int

page = *opts.Page // might panic
if opts.Page != nil { page = *opts.Page } // clunky

page = ptr.ValueFrom(opts.Page) // noice


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