Expected to be at a stable Beta by 10/7.

Get RSS feeds in daily

Database Interface

This project uses two notion databases: to store RSS links (to subscribe to), to store the RSS content.

Feeds Database

Property Name Property Type
Title title
Link url

Content Database

Property Name Property Type
Title title
Link url
Enabled boolean

Github Action Secrets

Github Secrets needed in the repository for the workflow actions to work:

  • NOTION_API_TOKEN: api token for a specific integration. Integration must have access to NOTION_RSS_CONTENT_DATABASE_ID and NOTION_RSS_FEEDS_DATABASE_ID.
  • NOTION_RSS_CONTENT_DATABASE_ID: database id that stores RSS content (see Database Interface / Content Database).
  • NOTION_RSS_FEEDS_DATABASE_ID: database id that stores RSS feed details (see Database Interface / Feeds Database).
  • GITHUB_TOKEN: Github token to allow Github action to post release details/assets to this repository.

Nice to haves

  • Add read/starred properties to feed database.
  • Remove old, unread/starred items
  • Use rss.Item.Content into notion blocks so the content can be viewed in Notion.
  • Add Categories to RSS items, and notion content tables.
  • Convert combined RSS feeds into single feed:
  • Use release binary in .github/workflows/release.yml.


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