Get some rapid-eye-movement sleep knowing your files are safe.

Rem is a CLI trash which makes it ridiculously easy to recover files. We've all had that moment when we've deleted something we realised we shouldn't have. It sucks. Let's fix that!

Let's say we have the following file structure

├── someDir
│   └── someFile
└── someFile

Next, we want to delete someDir. Simple!

rem someDir

Now it looks like this:

└── someFile

Oh no! We actually needed that directory!

rem --undo someDir

Back to:

├── someDir
│   └── someFile
└── someFile

It's really that easy.

You can also delete files of the same name with no problem:

rem someDir/someFile someFile


Build from source or use:

brew install quackduck/tap/rem


Simply remove the executable or use:

brew uninstall rem

Rem stores its trash by default at ~/.remTrash.


Usage: rem [-t/--set-trash <dir>] [--permanent | -u/--undo] file
       rem [-d/--directory | --empty | -h/--help | -v/--version | -l/--list]
   -u/--undo              restore a file
   -l/--list              list files in trash
   --empty                empty the trash permanently
   --permanent            delete a file permanently
   -d/--directory         show path to trash
   -t/--set-trash <dir>   set trash to dir and continue
   -h/--help              print this help message
   -v/--version           print Rem version