✨ A GitHub (gh) CLI extension to display a dashboard with pull requests and issues by filters you care about.


  1. Install the gh CLI – see the installation

    Installation requires a minimum version (2.0.0) of the the GitHub CLI that supports extensions.

  2. Install this extension:

    gh extension install dlvhdr/gh-dash
  3. To get the icons to render properly you should download and install a Nerd font from Then, select that font as your font for the terminal.

Installing Manually

If you want to install this extension manually, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repo

    # git
    git clone
    # GitHub CLI
    gh repo clone dlvhdr/gh-dash
  2. Cd into it

    cd gh-dash
  3. Install it locally

    gh extension install .
🌈 How do I get these exact colors and font?

I’m using Alacritty with the tokyonight theme and the Fira Code Nerd Font. For my full setup check out my dotfiles.


Configuration is provided within a config.yml file under the extension’s directory (usually ~/.config/gh-dash/)

The default config.yml file contains:

  - title: My Pull Requests
    filters: is:open author:@me
  - title: Needs My Review
    filters: is:open review-requested:@me
  - title: Subscribed
    filters: is:open -author:@me repo:cli/cli repo:dlvhdr/gh-dash
    limit: 50 # optional limit per section
  - title: Created
    filters: is:open author:@me
  - title: Assigned
    filters: is:open assignee:@me
  - title: Subscribed
    filters: is:open -author:@me repo:microsoft/vscode repo:dlvhdr/gh-dash
  prsLimit: 20 # global limit
  issuesLimit: 20 # global limit
    open: true
    width: 60

Adding a PR or issue section is as easy as adding to the list of prSections or issueSections respectively:

  • title – shown in the TUI
  • filters – how the repo’s PRs should be filtered – these are plain github filters



gh dash

Then press ? for help.


Dolev Hadar [email protected]


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