GGT Stack Template (Gin, Gorm, TypeScript)

Template project for exposing Http endpoints with CRUD functionality. The CRUD layer’s functionality works generically with a given Go struct. To enhance fullstack rapid prototyping, a converter tool is provided to convert said Go structs to TypeScript models. Generated TypeScript models are outputted to the models directory.

Example includes Get, GetAll, Create, Update, and Delete endpoints for an employee.

Communication is handled by Gin, CRUD by GORM, and Go struct to TS model conversion by Typescriptify-golang-structs.


go mod tidy


go run .

Example HTTP calls:

curl localhost:8664  
curl localhost:8664/api/v1/employee/1
curl -X POST localhost:8664/api/v1/employee -d '{"name": "jason"}'
curl -X PUT localhost:8664/api/v1/employee/1 -d '{"Name":  "jasonnolonger"}'
curl -X DELETE localhost:8664/api/v1/employee/


  • Auth alongside a user model


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