Gin Middleware TryFile

This project is to solve the problem that the gin framework processes the dynamic routing file in the front-end compilation file and imitates nginx try_file function

本项目是解决gin框架处理前端编译文件中动态路由文件,模仿nginx try_file功能

location /images/ {
    root /opt/html/;
    try_files $uri   index.html; 


func RegisterTryFile(router *gin.Engine, hfs http.FileSystem, staticFileDir ...string)

Parameter analysis

  • router *gin.Engine
  • hfs http.FileSystem
    • http.FS
    • http.Dir
    • http.FS(embed.FS)
  • staticFileDir …string
    • only one word as default,which means gin router and static path
    • include two word,first is gin router,second is static path, default try file is index.html
    • include three word,first is gin router,second is static path,three is try file name eg: index.html


package main

import (

	tryfile ""

//go:embed dist
var distFile embed.FS

func main() {
	r := gin.Default()
	// As Default, Gin Router equal StaticPath
	tryfile.RegisterTryFile(r, http.FS(distFile), "/dist")

	// Custom Gin Router and StaticPath
	// tryfile.RegisterTryFile(r, http.FS(distFile), "/static", "/dist")

	// Fully custom parameters
	// tryfile.RegisterTryFile(r, http.FS(distFile), "/static", "/dist/custom", "index.html")

	// As you wish
	r.Any("/try/file/*any", tryfile.WrapHandler("/dist", http.FS(distFile)))

Verification results

➜  gin-tryfile git:(main) ✗ curl
        <h3>Hello Gin-TryFile</h3>
➜  gin-tryfile git:(main) ✗ curl
        <h3>Hello Gin-TryFile</h3>


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