Gitlabot – it knows everyting about your merge requests so you know too


Gitlabot – a bot which can send a notification to telegram about all merge requests in your GitLab project.

Now – it notifies only about OPEN and MERGE events


Quick start

  1. Clone this repo to your computer.
  2. Create .env file in the root (you can find an example at .env.example) – it defines all env variables which Gitlabot needs.
  3. Run make up – it will build and start a docker container with a bot.
  4. Run make log – it will print container log. If all is ok you will see something like this:

2022/04/01 02:31:50 Authorized on account <your_telegram_bot>
2022/04/01 02:31:50 Listen: 8088

5Add a webhook in your GitLab project. You can find the full documentation here


  1. Start the bot
  2. If you don’t know your chat id – just add your telegram bot to a group and run make log. You will see information like this:
2022/04/01 12:44:09 Get message 'hello bot' from user 'yourName' from chat id -614353736

Notify: Env variable BOT_DEBUG must be true


  1. Golang > 1.13.
  2. Docker.
  3. Make.
  4. External IP for a webhook.
  5. Telegram bot for sending notifications.


  • Add supporting OPEN and MERGE statuses
  • Add unit tests
  • Add CI\CD
  • Add supporting many projects at the same time
  • Add Web UI for configurating


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