Global Financial Transaction Network Services

This code was developed at IBM during 2017-2020, and contributed to open source in September 2021.


This is a monorepo of code
intended to support a scalable cloud service for issuing and trading digital assets.
The website is written in typescript and javascript, and can be found in the directory world-wire-web.

There are two types of users: administrator and participant.
The administrator is primarily implemented by the administration-service, although some methods are also
implemented in the world-wire-web javascript. The main role of the administrator
is to manage participants.

When participants are deployed by the administrator, several services
are spawned for the participant and used only by that participant. These are:

  • api-service
  • crypto-service
  • send-service
  • payment-listener
  • ww-gateway

Finally, in addition to the administration-service, there are the global services:

  • quotes-service
  • gas-service
  • participant-registry
  • fee-service
  • anchor-service
  • auth-service
  • global-whitelist-service

To Developers

Probably the best way to understand what is going on is to look through the postman collections.
For example, this directory
covers a lot of ground.

The deployment scripts and yaml files are in the automation-service directory tree, especially k8s.