gettext-go: GNU gettext for Go (Imported By Kubernetes)


  1. go get
  2. go run hello.go

The or has more information.


package main

import (


func main() {
	gettext := gettext.New("hello", "./examples/locale").SetLanguage("zh_CN")
	fmt.Println(gettext.Gettext("Hello, world!"))

	// Output: 你好, 世界!
package main

import (


func main() {
	gettext.BindLocale(gettext.New("hello", "locale"))

	// gettext.BindLocale("hello", "locale")              // from locale dir
	// gettext.BindLocale("hello", "")          // from locale zip file
	// gettext.BindLocale("hello", "", zipData) // from embedded zip data

	// translate source text
	fmt.Println(gettext.Gettext("Hello, world!"))
	// Output: 你好, 世界!

	// if no msgctxt in PO file (only msgid and msgstr),
	// specify context as "" by
	fmt.Println(gettext.PGettext("", "Hello, world!"))
	// Output: 你好, 世界!

	// translate resource
	// Output: ...

Go file: hello.go; PO file: hello.po;

API Changes (v0.1.0 vs v1.0.0)

Renamed package path

v0.1.0 (old) v1.0.0 (new)

Renamed functions

v0.1.0 (old) v1.0.0 (new)
gettext-go/gettext.* gettext-go.*
gettext-go/gettext.DefaultLocal gettext-go.DefaultLanguage
gettext-go/gettext.BindTextdomain gettext-go.BindLocale
gettext-go/gettext.Textdomain gettext-go.SetDomain
gettext-go/gettext.SetLocale gettext-go.SetLanguage
gettext-go/gettext/po.Load gettext-go/po.LoadFile
gettext-go/gettext/po.LoadData gettext-go/po.Load
gettext-go/gettext/mo.Load gettext-go/mo.LoadFile
gettext-go/gettext/mo.LoadData gettext-go/mo.Load

Use empty string as the default context for gettext.Gettext

package main

// v0.1.0
// if the **context** missing, use `callerName(2)` as the context:

// v1.0.0
// if the **context** missing, use empty string as the context:

func main() {
	// v0.1.0 => gettext.PGettext("main.main", "hello")
	// v1.0.0 => gettext.PGettext("", "hello")

	gettext.DGettext("domain", "hello")
	// v0.1.0 => gettext.DPGettext("domain", "main.main", "hello")
	// v1.0.0 => gettext.DPGettext("domain", "", "hello")

	gettext.NGettext("domain", "hello", "hello2", n)
	// v0.1.0 => gettext.PNGettext("domain", "main.main", "hello", "hello2", n)
	// v1.0.0 => gettext.PNGettext("domain", "", "hello", "hello2", n)

	gettext.DNGettext("domain", "hello", "hello2", n)
	// v0.1.0 => gettext.DPNGettext("domain", "main.main", "hello", "hello2", n)
	// v1.0.0 => gettext.DPNGettext("domain", "", "hello", "hello2", n)

BindLocale support FileSystem interface

// Use FileSystem:
//	BindLocale(New("poedit", "name", OS("path/to/dir"))) // bind "poedit" domain
//	BindLocale(New("poedit", "name", OS("path/"))) // bind "poedit" domain

New API in v1.0.0

Gettexter interface:

type Gettexter interface {
	FileSystem() FileSystem

	GetDomain() string
	SetDomain(domain string) Gettexter

	GetLanguage() string
	SetLanguage(lang string) Gettexter

	Gettext(msgid string) string
	PGettext(msgctxt, msgid string) string

	NGettext(msgid, msgidPlural string, n int) string
	PNGettext(msgctxt, msgid, msgidPlural string, n int) string

	DGettext(domain, msgid string) string
	DPGettext(domain, msgctxt, msgid string) string
	DNGettext(domain, msgid, msgidPlural string, n int) string
	DPNGettext(domain, msgctxt, msgid, msgidPlural string, n int) string

	Getdata(name string) []byte
	DGetdata(domain, name string) []byte

func New(domain, path string, data ...interface{}) Gettexter

FileSystem interface:

type FileSystem interface {
	LocaleList() []string
	LoadMessagesFile(domain, lang, ext string) ([]byte, error)
	LoadResourceFile(domain, lang, name string) ([]byte, error)
	String() string

func NewFS(name string, x interface{}) FileSystem
func OS(root string) FileSystem
func ZipFS(r *zip.Reader, name string) FileSystem
func NilFS(name string) FileSystem


Please report bugs to [email protected].