AWS Cot Hub

Development Setup

  1. Open Terminal Window

  2. Clone repository

    git clone
    cd aws-cost-hub
    code .
  3. Click the Green Button as shown in the image below and select Open Folder in Container… command and select the local folder.

    Click the Green Button

  4. Grab a Coffee ☕️. Based on your internet speed might take 5 mins to 7 mins with ~50 mbps speed

  5. Open Terminal in visual studio code and run /workspaces/tests/system/ for automated test of the setup

  6. Run ci-cd config-prerequisite to configure gpg, pass and aws-vault for AWS Programatic access via API

Configure gpg, pass and aws-vault

  1. Generate a new GPG private key. (Optional if you already have a GPG key setup and trusted on the system)

    Note: If you set a passphrase, you will be prompted to enter it.

    $ generate_gpg_keys
  2. Initialize the password-storage DB using the GPG public key ID or the associated email

    $ gpg2 --list-keys
    $ init_pass_store #similar to pass init <email_id> got from previous command
  3. Configure aws-vault through wrapper

    $ aws-env


Get Identity by account

$ aws-whoami <aws_profile>

AWS Consolidated Bill for Current month using aws-vault

Get Identity by account

$ /workspaces/tools/


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