Go Bincance Bot run trades automatically. Put the buy or sell price and let the bot work for you.

Simple like:

Buy when it’s cheap or sell when it’s expensive.

Bot Config

The bot configuration is provided by yaml file that has the following trade parameters. In this file, put the symbol price you want to buy and sell.

name: "My binance bot"
  - symbol: "BTC/USDT"
    interval: "1m"
    buyPrice: 34322.0
    sellPrice: 50640.0
  - symbol: "LOKA/USDT"
    interval: "30s"
    buyPrice: 1.51
    sellPrice: 3.08
  • symbol: Symbol name to trade – string
  • interval: Interval to the next trade – time.Duration
  • buyPrice: Create a buy order when the price is below – float64
  • sellPrice: Create a sell order when the price is high – float64

How to run?

To run the bot on your computer, you need to have docker and compose installed.

First, create a .env file in root folder with your binance api key like this:


See the project structure to know where to put the .env file with your keys:

├── binance/
├── bot/
├── build/
├── config/
├── notify/
├── .env  <-----  # put your env file here!
├── config.yaml
├── go.mod
├── go.sum
├── main.go
├── Makefile
└── README.md

Finally to run the project, exec:

make up logs

app_1  | {"level":"info","time":"2022-03-28T13:19:31Z","message":"bot is running"}
app_1  | {"level":"debug","time":"2022-03-28T13:19:31Z","message":"monitor {BTC/USDT 1m0s 44630 44640}"}
app_1  | {"level":"debug","time":"2022-03-28T13:19:31Z","message":"monitor {LOKA/USDT 1m0s 2.295 2.34}"}
app_1  | {"level":"debug","time":"2022-03-28T13:19:35Z","message":"current price of BTC/USDT is 47282"}
app_1  | {"level":"debug","time":"2022-03-28T13:19:35Z","message":"time to SELL price 47282"}

To stop the bot and remove container, exec:

make clean


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