? Go Bonzai™ Cached Variables

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This command can be installed as a standalone program or composed into a Bonzai command tree.


go install github.com/rwxrob/vars/var@latest


package z

import (
	Z "github.com/rwxrob/bonzai/z"

var Cmd = &Z.Cmd{
	Name:     `z`,
	Commands: []*Z.Cmd{help.Cmd, vars.Cmd},

Tab Completion

To activate bash completion just use the complete -C option from your .bashrc or command line. There is no messy sourcing required. All the completion is done by the program itself.

complete -C var var

If you don’t have bash or tab completion check use the shortcut commands instead.

Embedded Documentation

All documentation (like manual pages) has been embedded into the source code of the application. See the source or run the program with help to access it.


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