🌳 Go Bonzai™ File Completer

GoDoc License

Provides the regular shell completion most expect for files and directories with the trailing slash added to directories for quick visualization. Nothing special beyond that (colors, emojis, etc.)

Style Guidelines

  • Everything through go fmt or equiv, no exceptions
  • In Vim set textwidth=72 (not 80 to line numbers fit)
  • Use /* */ for package documentation comment, // elsewhere
  • Smallest possible names for given scope while still clear
  • Favor additional packages (possibly in internal) over long names
  • Package globals that will be used a lot can be single capital
  • Must be good reason to use more than 4 character pkg name
  • Avoid unnecessary comments
  • Use “deciduous tree” emoji 🌳 to mark Bonzai stuff


Copyright 2022 Robert S. Muhlestein (mailto:[email protected]) SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

“Bonzai” and “bonzai” are legal trademarks of Robert S. Muhlestein but can be used freely to refer to the Bonzai™ project https://github.com/rwxrob/bonzai without limitation. To avoid potential developer confusion, intentionally using these trademarks to refer to other projects — free or proprietary — is prohibited.


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