Go-Clean-Arch gives a Clean Architecture template that is commonly used in Crescendo’s Go projects. We will introduce the proposed architecture and related designs through a tutorial on building a sample application – Crescendo Barter.


The proposed clean architecture is inspired by DDD (Domain-Driven Design), Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture, and a Go Clean Architecture project Wild Workouts, trying to balance feature development speed and maintenance efforts.


Our proposed clean architecture tries to provide the following features:

  • Testable. Critical logic is well protected and validated.
  • Ubiquitous language. No communication barrier between business and engineering people.
  • First-class-citizen errors. Handle errors throughout the application in handy.
  • Traceable requests. Internal behaviors of a request could be observed through API and system logs.
  • Product-ready. Teams could use the architecture template in their new projects directly.
  • Simple and straight. Any new member could pick up the architecture within days.


The proposed architecture can be separated into 4 layers, including Domain, Application, Router, and Adapter.

  • Domain handles domain models and critical business logic.
  • Application handles use cases (orchestration of business rules), compositing functionalities of Domain and Adapter.
  • Router handles input request things, such as HTTP request routing, authentication, access control, and parameter validation.
  • Adapter handle output requests, such as accessing DB, communicate with other services, emit events.

Its dependency rules are:

More at https://slides.com/jalex-chang/go-clean-arch-cresclab.

Crescendo Barter

Crescendo Barter is a second-hand goods exchange application in which people can post their old goods and exchange them with others.

User Stories

Account management:

  • As a client, I want to register a trader account.
  • As a client, I want to log in to the application through the registered trader account.

Second-hand Goods:

  • As a trader, I want to post my old goods to the application so that others can see what I have.
  • As a trader, I want to see all my posted goods.
  • As a trader, I want to see others’ posted goods.
  • As a trader, I want to remove some of my goods from the application.

Goods Exchange:

  • As a trader, I want to exchange my own goods with others.

Project Dependencies

Main application
Test usage

Development Guideline

See development guideline.


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