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steganoGo is a simple CLI capable of hiding any file within an PNG image. Used technique is known as LSB (Least Significant Bit) steganography


Original image Payload Result
Original File Payload file Encoded File

The Result file contains the Payload file hidden in it. And as you can see it is fully transparent.


Clone the code.

git clone

Get into the source directory.

cd SteganoGo/source

Build the code from the root directory

go build -o steganoGo

This sends the output of go build to a file called steganoGo in the same directory.



steganoGo -insert -img <file-name> -payload <file-name> -output <file-name>

When encoding, the file with name given to flag -payload is hidden inside the file with the name given to flag -img and the resulting file is saved in a new file under name given to flag -output


steganoGo -decode -img <file-name> 

When decoding, given file name of an image with previously encoded data in it, the data is extracted and saved in a new file in the current working directory. The result file will have the same extension as when it was encoded.


The only supported format is PNG image format.


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