Go JWT Login Authentication Methods

  1. Gin-Gonic
  2. ServeMux


  • Find out how to redirect to “/” or “/login” if cookie is not found.
  • In github.com/golang-jwt/jwt/v4 StandardClaims type is deprecated, you should replace StandardClaims with RegisteredClaims.

Storing SubClaims

  • Generating Claims (with subclaims) using jwt.MapClaims

	tokenExpireTime := time.Now().Add(1 * time.Hour) // 1 hour expiry time from now
	claims := &jwt.MapClaims {
		"Issuer": dbUsername,
		"Expiry": tokenExpireTime,
		"data": map[string]string {
			"firstname": "Jie Wei",
			"lastname": "Low",
	generateToken := jwt.NewWithClaims(jwt.SigningMethodHS256, claims)
  • Retrieving the Subclaims

	token, _ := jwt.Parse(cookie, func(token *jwt.Token) (interface{}, error) {
		return []byte(SecretKey), nil
	claims := token.Claims.(jwt.MapClaims)
	fmt.Println(`Retrieved Issuer using claims["Issuer"]:`, claims["Issuer"])
	c.Set("username", claims["Issuer"])

	data := claims["data"].(map[string]interface{})
	firstname := data["firstname"].(string)
	lastname := data["lastname"].(string)
	fmt.Println("Retrieved Subclaims firstname and lastname:", firstname, lastname)


  • Content-Type: application/json indicates that the request body format is JSON


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