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Go library and command line utility to check if a GitHub repository might need a CLA signed before contributing

Please note, until GitHub provides an official “CLA Required” API endpoint, the best we can make are guesses.

This library uses a few heuristics to determine if a repository requires a CLA:

  • if the repo is owned by a list of known CLA requirers from Wikipedia
  • if the repo’s or reference “CLA” or “Contributor License Agreement”
  • if any of the repo’s workflows have a uses: cla-assistant/github-action line
  • if any of the most recent 100 PRs have a Google-style cla: yes or cla: no tag
  • if a .clabot file exists in the repo root

More methods to denote CLA requirements probably exist.
If you know of a good way to check for CLA requirements, please contribute!



go get


First, import the library:

import ""

Then, create a GitHub client and check if a repository needs a CLA:

client := github.NewClient(nil) // this typically comes from
needCla, err := needcla.Check(client, "google", "go-github")
if err != nil {
  // handle
if needCla {
  fmt.Println("it needs a CLA signed!")

need-cla Command Line Utility

See the executable’s


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