Go library to parse and render Remarkable lines files as PDF.


package main

import (

	rm2pdf "github.com/poundifdef/go-remarkable2pdf"

func main() {
    // Render a single .rm lines file as PDF
    input, _ := os.Open("4.rm")
    output, _ := os.Create("out.pdf")
    rm2pdf.RenderRmFile(input, output)

    // Render a full Notebook file as PDF
    output, _ := os.Create("out.pdf")
    rm2pdf.RenderRmNotebook("Notebook.zip", output)

Features Supported

  • Line thickness
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Multiple layers
  • Multiple pages
  • .rm lines file
  • Notebook .zip file

Not Currently Supported

  • Background templates (grid, lines, etc)
  • PDF annotations
  • ePUB
  • Layer naming and visibility
  • Line effects (ie, the painbrush shows “brush marks” based on the speed of your stroke)

Example Output




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  2. I don’t guarantee that I will keep this repo up to date, or that I will respond in any sort of timely fashion! Your best bet for any change is to keep PRs small and focused on the minimum changeset to add your feature.

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