GO Logger

In this package we combined different loggers so they can be compiled with a single interface. This enables switching between the different loggers without changing your code!

Supported loggers

  • Pretty printer
  • Zap
  • Mock (empty logger)


  • log
  • glog
  • klog

How to use

Basic usage

It is possible to simply call the logger without any initialization, the default logger is the pretty logger

package main

import logger "github.com/dwertent/go-logger"

func main(){

    logger.L().Info("This is a nice and colorful logger")
	// output: [info] This is a nice and colorful logger

Initialize a logger

package main

import logger "github.com/dwertent/go-logger"

func main() {
	// initialize colored logger
	logger.L().Info("This is the pretty logger")
	// output: [info] This is the pretty logger

	// initialize zap (json) logger
	logger.L().Info("This is the zap logger")
	// output: {"level":"info","ts":"2022-06-20T19:11:34-04:00","msg":"This is the zap logger"}

	// initialize a mock logger. The mock logger does not print anything
	logger.L().Info("This message will not be printed")
	// output:

Adding other information to the log

It is possible to add additional information to the log so as strings, integers, errors, date

package main

import "github.com/dwertent/go-logger/helpers"
import logger "github.com/dwertent/go-logger"

func main(){

    logger.L().Info("ID", helpers.String("name", "my name"), helpers.Int("age", 45), helpers.Interface("address", "address object"))
    // output: [info] ID. name: my name; age: 45; address: address object



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