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Go Open Source, Distributed, Simple and efficient full text search engine.




Go version >= 1.8


Riot uses go module or dep to manage dependencies.


go get -u


go get -u 

re riot

To create a new riot application

$ re riot my-riotapp

re run

To run the application we just created, you can navigate to the application folder and execute:

$ cd my-riotapp && re run


Look at an example

package main

import (


var (
	// searcher is coroutine safe
	searcher = riot.Engine{}

func main() {
	// Init
		// Using:             4,
		NotUseGse: true,
	defer searcher.Close()

	text := "Google Is Experimenting With Virtual Reality Advertising"
	text1 := `Google accidentally pushed Bluetooth update for Home
	speaker early`
	text2 := `Google is testing another Search results layout with 
	rounded cards, new colors, and the 4 mysterious colored dots again`
	// Add the document to the index, docId starts at 1
	searcher.Index("1", types.DocData{Content: text})
	searcher.Index("2", types.DocData{Content: text1}, false)
	searcher.IndexDoc("3", types.DocData{Content: text2}, true)

	// Wait for the index to refresh
	// engine.FlushIndex()

	// The search output format is found in the types.SearchResp structure
	log.Print(searcher.Search(types.SearchReq{Text:"google testing"}))

It is very simple!

Use default engine:

package main

import (


var (
	searcher = riot.New("zh")

func main() {
	data := types.DocData{Content: `I wonder how, I wonder why
		, I wonder where they are`}
	data1 := types.DocData{Content: "所以, 你好, 再见"}
	data2 := types.DocData{Content: "没有理由"}

	searcher.Index("1", data)
	searcher.Index("2", data1)
	searcher.Index("3", data2)

	req := types.SearchReq{Text: "你好"}
	search := searcher.Search(req)
	log.Println("search...", search)

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Riot search engine templates, client and dictionaries



Riot is primarily distributed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0), base on wukong.